Hello and Namaste

I feel glad to indroduce myself as Suraj Bhujel. A young and passionate person believing life in terms of every harsh situations aroud capable of dealing with every good and bad situations all around. Music for me is not just a combination of words, voice rythems and composition. Music for me is a feeling that expresses words with an emotions that takes once to an ultimate level of thinking the deepest meaning of verse expressed. Simply, it could be a medium to expressing and exchanging the emotions and thoughts too.

Turning back, i feel happy in myself for those harsh days and complications facts which helped me in being a determinant person facing situations and standing in sort of mass. Closely, i am a struggling singer cum song writer seeking for oppurtunities as well as precisious and unexpressable support from viewers seeking a slow and steady sustinable change in the nepali music industry as of facing challenges and situations with support and all enthusiasm waiting for the wide range of change in positive vibes and aspects in the near future.

Expecting and waiting for all your support towards the music industry of nepal and myself.

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